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From Nothing to Something by Vucko

Style Frames for Short Film


Personal Project

I designed two style frames for animation director Andrew Vucko's short film – "From Nothing to Something".

The film was developed as an"exquisite corpse". Through the involvement of a group of pretty inspiring individuals, we hope this film is a testament to a creativity that transcends any particular fad or style. Big shout outs to Antfood for the incredible sound design and to all our creative partners - truly making this something, from nothing!


Director - Andrew Vucko
Producer - Molly Willows

Design & Animation - 

Andrew Vucko, Stephen Kelleher. Daniel Oeffinger, Sarah Beth Morgan, Henrique Barone, Daniel Luna, Thea Glad, Yukai Du, Rachel Reid, Marcus Bakke, Emanuele Colombo (Antimatter), Justina Lei, Nejc Polovsak (Twisted Poly), Yino Huan, DeeKay Kwon, Pablo Cuello, Romain Loubersanes, Jorge R. Canedo E., Simon Appel & Oscar Pettersson of Part 1, Sharon Harris, Seth Eckert 

Narration - Julian McLaren Poulter

Original Music & Sound Design - Antfood


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