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Say It As It Is

TV Ad Animation


Canesten, Bayer

For too long the symptoms of thrush have been clouded by euphemisms and language that avoids straight talking about vaginal itching, burning and discharge. This can cloud the issue and add confusion to women experiencing symptoms for the first time. By taking some of these euphemisms and “translating” them into reality – real practical advice, we can help women understand what is happening to them and to make practical decisions.

Our animated world is one of euphemisms. Of itching ants and burning fire. It is uncomfortable, without being frightening. It gives the sense of physical discomfort but also a feeling of emotional insecurity, of being slightly off kilter and disconnected to the real world.


Production - Studio Bliink
Agency - LOLA MullenLowe
Animation Director - Yukai Du

Design & Illustration - Yukai Du
Animation - Yukai Du, Maki Yoshikura, Knifeson Yu, Chiara Sgatti, Tom Matuszewski, Lamek Felix
Audio - Box of Toys

Live Action Director - Michael Woodward
Live Action Production - Madam Films

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